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War On “Terror”, The Word

OK enough pandering, calling human-robot murderers “terrorists”.  That’s just how they want it, all important and altruistic looking. What are we, working for them?
New term; “militant cowardbullies”!   Add it to your dictionary.

That’s actually all they are to us, who do not vicariously live in terror, not even close.

These poor misled people kill and wreck the lives of bystanders. Not even militant really.
We understand their “cause” even less, it falls into shadow by the light of their exposure through media — becoming a thug’s dream: the baddest bigshot. Showing off. “Look at me Ma, no hands…” Exploding their own ego, creating the ultimate selfie to become part of the big picture. Mass-vampiring, stealing the life force of once beautiful innocents, to give meaning to their miserable no-lives of emotional slavery to sociopath power-mongers.
Then along comes us media, pro or amateur, turning reality into the business of show. The one-two punch (they show we tell) of all propagandists.

And the poor media jackals.  Instead of portraying the perpetrators as mental-child misled misanthropes, they turn on the lights, cameras… here’s action!  Transfusing more lifeblood of operatic drama, the life sacrifices of those beautiful real people re-produced into a grim reality show. And to keep their jobs, they use safe terms popularized by politicians like “terrorist”. Even “Islamist”, as if that form of spiritual worship was involved.  Can’t label them “insurgents”, too close to what the revolutionary US Founding Fathers and French revolutionaries called themselves.

No it’s just more PR-stunt brutality, publicity seeking murder. Not a hazy phenomenon, only an “ism” if you portray it so, making it so.
Blowing up the significance or global importance of these events ends up overpower our emotions, us observing bystanders become “terrorism-ized”.

But not for long. Do we maintain offended rage? Even fear?
Certainly these incidents are terrifying to those being attacked, in that moment.  But for the rest of us?
We pray, express our solidarity and sadness for the bereaved, not thinking about reasons, it’s all so senseless there aren’t any. Eventually, even the sad bitterness fades and we get on with our lives. Partially forgiving through forgetting but never becoming weakened, fearful.  Only stronger in our resolve to resist.

When we think “Paris”, do we feel terrorized? Or just bitter, resilient. Even hopeful.
Or Istanbul, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, New York…
If you trace the list of sites it includes just about everywhere.

To elevate each incident’s significance, making it part of some mysterious and threatening pattern, is to become that mass-murderer’s publicist. Or worse, helping fuel those grandstanding politicians who exploit our anxieties, sucking our power to add to theirs.

So report away, focus not on the “cause” but onto the effect.  Highlight not the fear but our more natural state: love, through condolence for those poor people and their families who lost everything.  Except our solidarity.